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Soulframe Wiki Guide: Walkthrough, Multiplayer, Bosses, Raids, Classes, Skills and more for Soulframe! The new Digital Extremes from the creators of Warframe




Soulframe Preview 



When does Soulframe Release?

Soulframe does not have a release date confirmed yet. According to developers, there will be a playable build available in the "next 12 months"

When was Soulframe Announced? 

Soulframe was announced by developers, Digital Extremes, during TennoCon 2022 which was held in July 2022. It was announced along with the release of the first cinematic trailer reveal.  Digital Extremes are working on a new Action MMO that will be free to play much like its developer's known releases, Warframe.

What platforms is Soulframe on?

Soulframe has been announced for PC. Current gen consoles, such as Playstation 5 and Xbox Series, are rumored to be confirmed at a later date. It is yet to be revealed if last generation consoles, will get a port.

Soulframe Release Information

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Initial Release Date TBA
Platforms PC, PS5, Xbox (TBC)
Developer Digital Extremes
Genre Action MMORPG (TBC)

Soulframe System Requirements


  • CPU: TBC
  • RAM: TBC
  • OS: TBC
  • Video Card: TBC
  • Directx: TBC
  • Storage: TBC
  • Sound Card: TBC


  • CPU: TBC
  • RAM: TBC
  • OS: TBC
  • Video Card: TBC
  • Directx: TBC
  • Storage: TBC
  • Sound Card: TBC


Latest Soulframe Announcements, News & Updates

Soulframe Development

Since its initial announcement along with its cinematic trailer reveal, Soulframe continues to be under development throughout 2022 and 2023 with no news on an upcoming release date. The developers of Warframe are creating another free-to-play MMO, but despite the nod to Waframe and Souls games in the title itself, this game will be going in another direction from Warframe, and it is not expected to be a Souls game despite taking combat inspirations from other known Souls games such as Elden Ring. 

Developers also plan to make the release a transparent, collaborative, and iterative process that is shaped by the passion of players and DE. The official Soulframe website has been put up for those who want to input their email information in order to receive regular updates and announcements on the game directly. 

Soulframe Media Outlets

Players are invited to sign up by leaving their email information on the Souldframe official website for regular updates and announcements. Updates and media from the game have also been released on their official Soulframe media channels. Soulframe updates can be found mainly on Instagram and Twitter at @playsoulframe. Soulframe also has an official youtube channel where developers post their behind-the-scenes content including their Development Kick-off in August 2022. Here, players can view the individual developers working on the code, writing, art direction, sound designs, and more of the development process for the game. More talks with developers are expected to continue to release on their Soulframe Youtube channel as they continue to take feedback and build the game with the voice of the community. 

Create your Soulframe Username Early

Players can already select their usernames (called Envoy Title), by accessing the main page of the game. There is a puzzle to be solved in order to be able to select your Envoy Title. Below, you will see the image of the solution, once you align all the parts, you must click on the switch on the right in order to trigger the username creation. After you enter, it will display the words: "Your path awaits. Journey onward."

envoys of the sky

Scroll down to view a few art screens and the bottom of the page will contain the Cinematic Reveal along with the prompt to join them. Players will need to confirm their emails in order to reserve their Envoy Title. Note that many usernames may be already taken. Players who reserve will also be able to claim an Alca's Eye upon launch. 

Download Soulframe Wallpapers

Soulframe art has been made available for download to fit Desktop and Mobile users for those who wish to obtain a digital come of some art frames of the game. 


Soulframe Gameplay

The Soulframe Wiki covers Soulframe, a dark fantasy MMORPG adventure developed by Digital Extremes, creators of the famous free-to-play third-person shooter multiplayer online, Warframe. As reported by the developers, the game is expected to be a slowed-paced open-world melee action game and is heavily influenced by diverse themes such as restoration, nature, and exploration. Other cited influences include the 1984 German fantasy film, The Neverending Story, as well as Hayao Miyazaki's Japanese epic fantasy film, Princess Mononoke.

Soulframe Relation to Warframe

Steve Sinclair, described Soulframe as a sister to Warframe, instead of a sequel. Sinclair, is also stepping down from his direction role on Warframe, to lead Soulframe's project. What this Sister definition entails is yet to be seen, but players can expect to find many influences from Warframe.

What we Know So Far

Melee Focus

Soulframe's Combat will be melee-focused. Unlike the high-paced action of Warframe, the new creation from Digital Extremes, will be slower heavier, and more methodical. This may lead many to think that Souls games are an inspiration for combat, but apparently, it is not the case.

Multiplayer & Cooperative Play

Cooperative play will be one of the main attractions of Soulframe. Players will be able to engage in many PvE activities, such as Raids or Instances. 


The Story and Setting of Soulframe

It began as song pitched sweet and solemn; And they that heard 'came hollow, fallen.

Their children raised in castles loft; Made hunters, grave of others, not

Yet 'yond the pale of Ode'n sky; Live verdant fields of rain and wild

Where omen beasts of Alca's lost; Remember still and tell the cost

So listen well envoys of shame; And bear their souls within your frame

Find your spirit your grace renewed; And return to earth her power true. - Cinematic Reveal

Soulframe Cinematic Reveal Trailer Setting 

Since its initial announcement, not much else has been revealed about the premise of the game. In the reveal trailer, the scene begins with a beast being chained down to the ground next to the narrator by the campfire. He begins to talk about the song in the form of a poem. The scene switches to an execution. The victim later then appears in the water and is greeted by a beast that resembles a moose before the character is dragged out of the water and soon awakens revealing their mechanical parts and ends with a nod to Excalibur as the sword is pulled out of the stone. This allows potential players to catch a glimpse of the overall environments and settings of the game as well as sets the tone as the developers slowly introduce their new open-world adventure. 

Soulframe Game Genres

This new Open world- adventure game is said to be heavily influenced by themes of nature, restoration, and exploration as depicted in their initial trailer. Other image releases on their various media also draw attention to eh various beasts in-game and some of the natural setting. Some stone architecture scenes have also focused on the growth of nature around. The overall tone of the game was meant to be depicted upon the initial Cinematic reveal. 

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Soulframe Images

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